Covid 19:

A response from Pastor Brian and Pastor Roger

Dear CrossPointe Church Family,

With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus across the global community, we wanted to share some thoughts as we engage in conversations and make decisions for CrossPointe Church.


We understand the concern and are with you in keeping a prayerful eye on our world’s community right now. Churches across the state have already seen record low attendance due to fear of infection and some have decided to even shut down their Sunday gatherings. We know that the level of anxiety among our community and church members may vary. The World Health Organization just labeled COVID-19 a pandemic, not because of its severity, but because of it being so widespread.


For the first time with a pandemic though, they believe we’ll be able to control it.

here are some things to consider:

Do not let fear run you

The Scriptures tell us that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Tim. 1:7). Fear is never a helpful frame of mind to operate from, and it diminishes the faith that is available in Jesus. Be alert and discerning, but not anxious.


Nothing that we have read would suggest you not attend a Life Group, unless you are sick, or have underlying health concerns. Though we have decided not to have a Sunday gathering for the time being, you can commit to viewing our live stream worship celebration right here on our site.


As you decide whether to stay away from large gatherings or not, ask yourself: Is this decision being driven by fear or actual facts and data? The key is preparedness, not panic.

be informed

Keep yourself educated; remember, social media and major news networks may not always be the best sources for information. This pandemic is widespread, but much of the hysteria is unfounded and not based in truth. Here are some trusted sources:


The World Health Organization

John Hopkins

At the time of this posting, there have been NO reported cases of the Coronavirus in San Bernardino County as of March 12th, and eight confirmed cases in Riverside County. There has been one death as of March 12th in all of Southern California.

be the voice of hope

This is a time to be speaking hope into people’s lives during the concern and hysteria. As I’m writing this, the Fontana Costco and Stater Bros. are crowded with people over bottled water and toilet paper. People are afraid, and looking for security. For those of us who are believers in Jesus, this is a great time to become a bold voice of hope in our communities.


Pray daily for the physical and spiritual health of the nations. While we need not panic, there are thousands of families around the globe impacted by this health crisis. We may not be able to have boots on the ground, but we can certainly spend time asking for healing and restoration.


God is still in control. We will be faithful and obedient. We will trust Him during this crazy time of uncertainty. For questions or concerns, feel free to email us at

Pressing Toward Maturity in Jesus,

Pastor Brian Simms, Senior Pastor

Pastor Roger Greenwalt, Executive Pastor

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